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sterling silver cage pendant necklace
sterling silver cage heart pendant
.925 cage elephant necklace
sterling cage unicorn pendant
cage carriage pendant

01pc Sterling silver oyster pearl/bead Cage carriage unicorn elephant heart fantasy animal love pendant - U PICK

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SHIPs FROM THE USA - pearl/bead or chain NOT included
Hallmarked: SS=.925 Sterling Silver OR GP/SS=Gold-Plating on .925 Sterling Silver 
U PICK design in SS or GPSS Cage ONLY from the pull down menu:
CARRIAGE ss cage (~21x16mm; ~6-7mm pearl/bead)
UNICORN ss cage (~21x16x9mm; ~6-7mm pearl/bead)
ELEPHANT Pick ss cage (~21z17mm; ~6-7mm pearl/bead)
HEART circles ss cage (~14x20mm; ~7-8mm pearl/bead)
Pearl/bead cages are just the coolest way to make really nice looking jewelry almost instantly. You can use whatever size or shape beads you have available as long as they fit inside allowing you to close the cage. So make one up, put on chain & place in a gift box for an instant gift for that special someone even if that’s you.
HOW TO USE: just open the cage & insert bead(s), or if design allows, a variety of smaller grouped pearls/gems/beads, close the cage up & add to your favorite chain or buy one from MERZIEs. Most of these cage pendants have a hinge at the bottom allowing you to carefully open, insert bead(s), & close up tight to feed chain through. We have successfully been able to use a 2+mm wide chain through all the bails of our cage pendants. Above we have put the size bead range that will work though sometimes we use very small beads that are an odd shape – even small faceted gemstones. 
(Shell pearl beads, Akoya Saltwater, Freshwater pearls &/or individually wrapped oysters - and silver-plated chains are available in other listings)
There are plenty of FREE on-line measurement converters should you require. This picture is ENLARGED to show detail.