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Artisan earrings ZARAH silver PRANCER HORSE hand painted ZARLITE dangles

Artisan earrings ZARAH silver PRANCER HORSE hand painted ZARLITE dangles

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You will get a lot of comments on this beautiful artisan jewelry - & it is so much fun to wear &/or give as a gift to that special someone even if that special someone is you.  There are plenty of free on-line measurement converters should you require different measurements.

The hand painted design Is only on the front.  Absolutely adorable earrings that make a loud statement showing the hand painted design.  Photos are enlarged to show detail.

Dangles:  Artist Sue Coccia, Purple Prancer
Earwires:  Merzies sterling & stone


There are a lot of buyers that collect this incredible jewelry line!  A new line of ZARAH JEWELRY provides an inexpensive addition to the rest of the Zarah jewelry collection.  This new line is called Zarah’s Zarlite & is silver-plated (nickel-free) hand painted enamel on high quality sterling silver-plate jewelry - available in incredible & colorful designs - created by very talented artists.

Once the designs are created master China artisans are sought out - skilled in this meticulous type of hand painted enameling & metalsmithing – to produce this art form executing the artists design with excellence.  These skilled artisans’s paint each piece by hand using solutions containing colored granules of glass & then fire these pieces in a kiln producing an alluring richness of color.