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Akoya Saltwater Cultured Pearl

Oyster AKOYA pearl ~5-7mm AAA Freshwater, individually wrapped, make a wish & open up, freeform oval/rice-shaped

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"a treasure from nature is waiting for you so make a wish & open your oyster"

Your purchase Includes:
- Packaged Akoya AAA freeform oval/rice-shaped freshwater pearl in oyster shell
- Instructions on opening the pearl oyster
- Couple of extra beads in a variety of colors just cuz

Quick summary:
>open package holding oyster
>open oyster shell (sizes naturally vary)
>make a wish - find your pearl
>clean off pearl 

If your original plan was to put the pearl in a cage pendant you'll need to purchase one or use the one you already have.  Taking the pearl you just discovered:
>add pearl to cage pendant
>hang pendant on chain – enjoy! 

Some tool ideas we use are a small flathead screwdriver OR a dull canapé OR butter knife ... any of these will work (perfect tools when letting youngsters open).   

OPEN THE OYSTER:  not one thing in the packaged oyster is edible - do not eat. This is a freshwater freeform oval/rice-shaped pearl oyster with each pearl color a mystery until you open.  Grab a small towel to use when opening the oyster shell. Holding the towel in one hand surrounding the oyster shell (to avoid cutting yourself should you slip when trying to open), try & find some edge area that you can get your chosen tool into & carefully – patiently - wiggle & move that tool until you get the oyster open (& the shell may break some - no big deal).  There are additional photos just to give you an idea of the different freeform shapes and/or colors. 

MAKE A WISH:  Once you get the oyster open - open it wide - make your "wish" and then look for the pearl somewhere in the oyster to see what color it is (White = wisdom; Cream=success; Pink/Peach=health; Purple=wealth; Black=love), & shape it grew (shades of each color will vary in hue).  Now some folks pour table salt in a small pile on the pearl, put a cloth over all & roll around to clear off any excess debris that you may not see - & then rinse off drying well.  FYI, there is a slight chance that there is no pearl in the oyster (since you don’t know until you open) though we always include some extra beads in your package as well giving you some other color/shape options.  This picture is ENLARGED to show detail for you to reference. 

PEARL INFO: this IS a genuine Akoya pearl in an AAA quality - this is why the price of this oyster pearl is higher.than our other freshwater pearls  The measurement is based on the width of the pearl as the length can even be longer since these are freeform in shape.  AAA round Akoya quality is also available in round found in another listing as well.  We do have other listings offering saltwater freeform oval/rice-shaped individually wrapped pearls & the cost is substantially lower. 

There are plenty of FREE on-line measurement converters should you require.